Split Systems

Split system airconditioning is one of the most popular types of airconditioning systems used as it offers high performance and energy efficiency and is ideal for airconditioning one room or a specific area of your home.

A split system has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is usually wall mounted and is connected to the outdoor unit by copper pipe, a power cable and condensate drain.

You have the option of a reverse cycle system (heating and cooling) or a cooling only system.

Units vary in capacity depending on the specific requirements and size of the individual room you wish to service. With a range of models available we’ll have the airconditioner to suit your needs.

Multihead Split systems

A multi head split system follows the same principle as a split system but can have several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

This allows for flexibility in room design as well as economical multi-room comfort as you are able to run and control different rooms at different temperatures.

We can offer advice on if this can work for you and what configuration would best suit your individual needs.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Reverse cycle ducted airconditioning is the ideal solution if you want to heat and cool your entire home at the touch of a single button.

The indoor unit is generally placed in the roof cavity and ductwork is run to each room outlet in order to disperse the airflow evenly throughout the house.

The indoor unit is connected by copper pipe and cabling to the outdoor compressor.

Multiple options include zoning that allows for the flexibility to heat and cool the specific areas of your home being used and not waste the air in rooms not in use. Wi-Fi control enabling you to have mobile control over the functioning of your airconditioner

Units come in a variety of sizes as well as single and three phase power options.

A great year round option that not only will cater for all your family’s needs but adds value to your home.

Ducted Gas Heating with Add On Refrigeration

Ducted gas heating with add on refrigerated cooling is the perfect solution for both heating and cooling your home, having the economy of gas heating and the luxury of refrigerated airconditioning.

Compact and economical to run, they use the same ducting and vents for both heating and cooling which allows for a seamless look to your home.

As the name suggests the cooling is an extension or add on that is installed with a gas heating system. It works by installing compatible gas heating and refrigerated cooling units with a series of pipes that connect the condensing unit to the coil that is connected to the gas heating unit and duct work.

Please note that most existing gas heating systems will not be compatible. This concept requires the heating and cooling units to be compatible on installation.

Zoning is available to allow for the flexibility and economy of heating and cooling the areas of your home in use and closing off the areas not requiring the service.

Evaporative Airconditioning

The most natural form of cooling your home as the evaporative cooling system draws in fresh air through the systems moistened cooling pads. This air is cooled and circulated to all rooms within your home via ducting and room vents.

Doors and windows can be left open as the airconditioning fan continually draws fresh air from outside and doesn’t rely on re-circulating the air within your home.

Ducted Gas Heating

One of the most economical forms of heating your entire home. The heating system can either heat from the floor or (most commonly) the ceiling via ducting which is connected to registers strategically positioned in each room of your home.

With the added option to zone areas of your home you have the flexibility to control which rooms are heated at any given time. This makes ducted gas heating a cost effective and efficient option for keeping your family warm all winter long.